Boards and Commissions

Commission Facts

City Department and Bureaus are headed by General Managers. However, some Departments are also headed by an advisory or controlling Board or Commission appointed by the Mayor, subject to confirmation of the Council. There are few Boards and Commissions that are appointed by each of the 15 Council members.

The Board of Public Works is the only full-time, paid Board. The Administrative Code authorizes other Boards and Commissions to receive a $50 stipend per meeting attended though stipends are typically waived. Appointees must be voting residents of the City of Los Angeles and cannot be members of the City Council nor sit on more than one Board or Commission at a time.

Below is a list of Boards and Commissions which links to information about their members, contact information, meeting agendas, and minutes.

For information on Board of Public Works and other Department Board meetings, please check the Public Meetings Calendar.  Additional information on Boards and Commissions and their members can be found on the City Clerk's Commission Page.